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Orla's MyTan® Journey

Tanning Pills ReviewsTanning Pills Reviews
“As a naturally fair skinned person, these products made a big difference to the tan I got while holidaying this year. My friend recommended that I take MyTan Bronze for about two weeks before I went and also that I keep taking them while I’m on holiday. I don’t normally take supplements but I was pleasantly surprised with the result as my skin tanned more quickly than usual and went darker than ever before. I continued to take the capsules for the summer and I must say I had my best tan ever. While I can tan without MyTan Bronze capsules, I can definitely say that the tan I ended up with, and the length of time it took for my skin to colour nicely, were much improved.”*

Orla, after 10 days using MyTan Ultimate Pack while on holiday.

Customer Experiences With MyTan®

Do tanning pills work? MyTan tan tablets can produce results within 2 weeks or less, as shown by some of the fantastic comments and tanning pills reviews we’ve received. We invite you to contact us and share your own experiences.
This is THE tanning pill. I’ve tried quite a few and they leave you looking much more orange than tanned. This gives a much more balanced and natural look. I buy for 3 of us (all pale). Sometimes we need to take a little bit more – but the results are worth it. With the addition some sensible sun, we all look tanned by the end of summer.”*

-Tom, Twickenham, UK.

“I’m so happy with this product. I admit I was a little bit sceptical about whether they would work due to the mixed reviews you get exploring the internet. I live in Scotland so I don’t get much sun exposure except when abroad. I’m on day 14 today and I'm an amazing shade of brown. It was around day 11/12 that suddenly I was tanned although I’d say there were some subtle signs of a tan developing after about a week. So I will definitely use these again!”*

-Lynsey, Scotland.

“My friend introduced me to My Tan Bronze earlier this summer. I love the sun and having a tan as I get a real feel good factor from it, but the sun doesn’t love me. I’m so pleased with the results it’s fab. Me and my husband are off to Gambia again this winter and it will be great to go with my tan instead of white and having to stay in the sun just to get a bit of colour. My husband’s so impressed. A huge thank you again for rescuing our tan problems.”*

-Sandra, Scotland.

“Shopping for bathing suits, baring skin and preparing for our Trip of a Lifetime has never been more exciting. From a healthy glowing bronze with MyTan to the Boost of ‘fabulous’ with a bit of sun is truly beyond belief! No more self tanning creams that stain sheets and whites! No more streaks and blotches or yellow palms! Just a natural perfect tan without hours in the sun! We love it and will continue to use it even in the winter months! The MyTan Team is a great help with any questions!”*

-Rosie, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada & Pearl, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

      • MyTan Bronze Sunless Tanning Pills

        MyTan Bronze


        MyTan Bronze tanning pills, containing natural carotenoids, are designed to bring up a healthy, golden bronze tan all year round, with or without the sun.

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      • MyTan Boost Tanning Tablets

        MyTan Boost


        MyTan Boost tanning tablets, formulated with specific nutrients used in the body’s tanning process. Designed to help you get a faster, darker tan.

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      • MyTan Boost and Bronze Ultimate Tanning Pills Pack


        MyTan Ultimate Tanning Pack


        The ultimate MyTan tanning solution… Both MyTan Boost and MyTan Bronze at a special discount price.

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