About Us

Who is MyTanningPills.com and MyTan Tanning Products?

MyTanningPills.com has been developed by Dreamfield Ventures Ltd, a leading developer and distributor of bioactive and pharmaceutical-grade food supplements based in Ireland.

Dreamfield Ventures Ltd have leveraged over 30 years of research and experience in food supplement manufacture throughout the Ireland, the UK and the USA to produce the safest, most effective, fast-acting tanning pills available today.

What are MyTan Tanning Products?

MyTan tanning pills are food supplements specifically engineered for those looking for their best tan. They are 100% guaranteed to work or we will happily give you your money back.

MyTan Boost provides the nutrients used in the tanning process and is designed to help you achieve your best tan whether in a sunny climate or using sunbeds. They may be especially helpful for those with fair skin that have difficulty tanning.

MyTan Bronze contains natural carotenoids that, when taken over time, can bring up a healthy, golden bronze glow with or without the sun. Perfect for those wishing to tan without sun exposure or those wish to enhance and prolong an existing tan.

Try MyTan Tanning Products for yourself. Read our testimonials and reserve your own bottle of MyTan tan tablets today!

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