MyTan Ultimate Tanning Pack

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This is the ultimate MyTan tanning solution… One MyTan Boost and one MyTan Bronze at a special discount price!


MyTan Bronze
Formulated with FIVE different carotenoids to bring up a healthy, golden bronze tan even without sun exposure. Take MyTan Bronze with sun exposure and experience the powerful tan enhancing and prolonging effects!

MyTan Boost
Formulated to provide the nutrients vital to the tanning process and developing your best tan. Also a healthy daily multi-vitamin and mineral, this product is designed for tanners desiring a powerful tan accelerator and wanting to achieve their all time best tan.


1 x MyTan Bronze (100 softgels) AND 1 x MyTan Boost (100 capsules)


4-5 Week Supply

Active ingredients

Bronze: β-carotene, astaxanthin, lycopene, lutein/zeaxanthin, vitamin E. Boost: L-tyrosine, para-aminobenzoic acid, vitamin E, ascorbic acid, choline bitartrate, pyridoxine hydrochloride, calcium pantothenate, nicotinamide, zinc gluconate, thiamine hydrochloride, riboflavin, copper sulphate, vitamin D3, folic acid, vitamin B12.

Other ingredients

Bronze: Sunflower oil (dispersant), bovine gelatin (capsule shell), glycerol (capsule shell), silicon dioxide (suspending agent), purified water (capsule shell), iron oxide (colouring agent). Boost: bovine gelatin (capsule shell), magnesium stearate (flow agent), iron oxide (colouring agent).

Free from

GMO, gluten, dairy, and nuts.
Not suitable for vegetarians.


What is the MyTan money back guarantee?

We’re confident that you’ll love MyTan tanning products and want you to enjoy them risk-free. If for any reason you’re not completely satisfied, simply return your product for a prompt and courteous 100% refund of your full purchase price, even if you've used the entire bottle.

Can I take MyTan Bronze and MyTan Boost at the same time?

We strongly recommend taking both products (as in our MyTan Ultimate Tanning Pack) at the same time for best results. This is what most of our customers choose, especially if going on a sun holiday.

I have fair skin / don’t tan easily. Will MyTan Bronze work for me?

MyTan Bronze is designed to bring up a light golden bronze colour all year round, regardless of skin tone.

I have fair skin / don’t tan easily. Will MyTan Boost work for me?

In our experience, many of our customers are fair-skinned and they find MyTan Boost particularly helpful. Fair-skinned people may lack melanin, the brown skin pigment. Boost is formulated to provide the nutrients involved in the production of melanin so may be of great benefit. However, we would, of course, urge you to use sunblock as you normally would.

How quickly does Mytan Bronze take effect?

It usually takes up to 2 weeks for a colour to appear with MyTan Bronze, quicker if taken in conjunction with sun and sunbeds.

How quickly does MyTan Boost take effect?

Our customers have reported tan-boosting effects (while sunbathing or using sunbeds) of MyTan Boost after taking it for only 2-3 days

Can children use MyTan products?

MyTan products are completely safe but we still insist they are only used by over 18s.

Can I take MyTan products when I’m pregnant or breastfeeding?

Although MyTan products contain only vitamins, minerals and amino acids, we strongly recommend that women who are pregnant or breastfeeding always consult their doctor before taking these or any food supplement.

Do I need sun exposure for MyTan Bronze to work?

No, Bronze is designed to work all-year-round, even in Winter without the sun. However, sun exposure can enhance the effect so they're ideal to take on holidays or with a course of sunbeds.

Do I need sun exposure for MyTan Boost to work?

Yes, unlike Bronze which contains nutrients that can develop a colour, Boost is designed to improve your natural tanning ability. Therefore, it is generally taken in conjunction with sun or sunbed exposure when trying to achieve a natural tan. However, taking Boost without sun will still result in multivitamin and mineral benefits.

Do I still need to use sunscreen with MyTan products?

Yes, MyTan products are not intended as a substitute for sunscreen. Please take normal precautions with any sun exposure.

How long before and after my sun holiday do I take Boost?

Ideally, begin taking Boost 2-3 days before sun exposure. If this is not possible, begin taking them as soon as possible when in the sun. As the tanning process continues for about 2-3 days after sun exposure we recommend continuing to take them for this period afterwards also.

How long do the effects of MyTan Bronze last & what happens when I stop?

MyTan Bronze requires a loading dose for the first two weeks to build up your colour. After this, a lower maintenance dose is taken. Once this maintenance dose is stopped the colour will gradually fade, depending on skin tone.

How long do the effects of MyTan Boost last & what happens when I stop?

As Boost is designed to boost your natural tanning ability, you only need take this product while in the sun or using a tanning bed. The tan boosting effects will last as long as you are in the sun, helping you to achieve your best tan.

I’m a heavy smoker. Can I take MyTan Bronze?

This topic has generated some debate. There has been a study that suggests that synthetic beta-carotene should not be taken by heavy smokers. Bronze contains only natural mixed carotenoids but we still recommend that current, heavy smokers consult their doctor before taking them.

Can children use MyTan products?

MyTan products are completely safe but we still insist they are only used by over 18s.

Is MyTan Bronze safe? Are there unwanted side effects?

MyTan Bronze is a food supplement containing only phyonutrients (plant extracts) and vitamins. Not only is it safe and healthy but it can be taken simply as an excellent antioxidant support formula!

Is MyTan Boost safe? Are there unwanted side effects?

MyTan Boost is a food supplement containing only vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Not only is it safe and healthy but it can be taken simply as a great daily multi-nutrient formula!

Is MyTan Bronze simply just beta-carotene?

No, Bronze contains 5 different natural carotenoids (beta-carotene is just one carotenoid) along with the important skin nutrient vitamin E for a much more genuine colour and added antioxidant protection.

Will MyTan Bronze make me go orange?

Some people who take beta-carotene are concerned that their skin might turn an orange colour. However, Bronze contains 4 different carotenoids in addition to beta-carotene to help give a more golden bronze colour.

Will MyTan Boost make me go orange?

No, Boost does not contain any skin colouring. It provide nutrients in the form of vitamins, minerals and amino acids to help support the body’s natural tanning process in conjunction with sun exposure.

Are MyTan products suitable for vegetarians?

No. Our capsules contain gelatine from bovine sources and are therefore not suitable for vegetarians.

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