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“Next year again I will most definitely be using MyTan tanning pills again.”

I came across MyTan products through a friend and although I was skeptical at first I said I’d give them a go. I have extremely pale and freckly skin and despite all my efforts I have never been able to tan naturally in the sun. It seemed my skin only had two tones: pale white or cherry red. After years of using fake tan I needed some other way to achieve a bronzed look. I started taking both MyTan Bronze and MyTan Boost 6 weeks before I went on holidays to Spain. For the first time in my life, I got tan lines as soon as I went on holidays. I didn’t burn and my colour was even. I was only in Spain for a week so I still didn’t get as much as a tan as my sallow skinned friends but I think with more sun time my tan would have gotten darker as time went on. Nearly two months after I came back from holidays I was still showing off my tan lines. Next year again I will most definitely be using MyTan tanning pills again and hopefully get more tanning time in Ireland!
-Aoife H, Waterford.

“No more streaks and blotches or yellow palms!”

Shopping for bathing suits, baring skin and preparing for our Trip of a Lifetime has never been more exciting. From a healthy glowing bronze with MyTan to the Boost of ‘fabulous’ with a bit of sun is truly beyond belief! No more self tanning creams that stain sheets and whites! No more streaks and blotches or yellow palms! Just a natural perfect tan without hours in the sun! We love it and will continue to use it even in the winter months! The MyTan Team is a great help with any questions!
-Rosie, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada & Pearl, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

“they are too good to keep secret”

Am so excited, i’ve just ordered my first lot of Mytan Bronze for this year, i’m putting them away until the sun starts to shine. I started using them for the first time last year and got the first non blotchy tan i’ve ever had. it was so fantastic to look like everyone else on the beach instead of the red blotchy person. have recommended them to all my friends and family as they are too good to keep secret. Thanks so much.
-Jennifer, London, UK.

“Your products r brilliant, the only 1 that has worked, thanx!”

-Sarah, Liverpool, United Kingdom.

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“I’ve had so many people ask if I’ve been away”

Super product! I’m fairly pale and MyTan Bronze gives me a serious glow, I’ve had so many people ask if I’ve been away! I feel like I’ve more energy when I take it and my skin on my face looks very clear. It gives me an even, all-over tan that looks really natural but is surprisingly strong.
-Rachel, Dublin 4, Ireland.

“great comments from people”

Very happy with results. I take MyTan Bronze tanning tablets through the winter to keep my colour up and in the summer because it give me an extra dark colour. Normally takes me about a week to see the colour come up and then I take two pills a day for as long as I like.  Nice to get great comments from people. Thanks guys!
-Patrick, Tipperary, Ireland.

” Thanks for providing two excellent products!”

Ive taken both MyTan Bronze and MyTan Boost during the winter time while using the odd sunbed session to keep up my colour, and I’m very impressed with the results. With only the minimum amount of exposure to UV light I’ve been able to maintain a natural healthy looking tan year round. Not only that, but Ive noticed that my skin, which sometimes was prone to becoming dry, is now in super condition! Thanks for providing two excellent products!
-M.J., Co. Dublin, Ireland.

“I achieved the deepest and most even tan Ive ever had”

I started taking MyTan tanning tablets about a week before I went on a sun holiday and could not believe the results, I used to just get a patchy tan before but I found since taking MyTan tanning vitamins I achieved the deepest and most even tan I’ve ever had and thats saying something seeing as Im quite fair skinned. I also love that it has multi vitamins in the formula.
-Elizabeth, Perth, Australia.

“everyone with fair skin should use this product”

i always had problems in the summer with my skin i could never get a tan. i used to always burn and then i started to use mytan bronze and found a change immediately. i was shocked to see my skin was turning a golden colour. just afer a few weeks using mytan bronze i had my first tan ever! it is a truly amazing product which is painless to use the results really speak for themselves and i have recommended it to people myself. i think everyone with fair skin should use this product.
-Davey, Waterford, Ireland.

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