Enhanced MyTan Bronze FAQ

Have the ingredients changed?
We’ve added two additional carotenoids, astaxanthin and lycopene, to our original formula for both colour and health enhancements. We’ve also adjusted the quantities of our ingredients to allow you to take slightly fewer softgels, while getting the same results or better. We’ve tested our new formula extensively and we’re confident that it will achieve the best colour yet!

What are the extra health benefits?
Lycopene and astaxanthin are widely regarded as two of the most potent antioxidants in the world! Research on lycopene has shown benefits in brain, heart and eye health. Astaxanthin has been shown to help reduce pain and inflammation, and improve skin condition, helping with moisture levels, smoothness, elasticity and fine wrinkles.

Have you changed the number of softgels in MyTan Bronze?
Yes, we’ve increased the amounts of active ingredients in each softgel and reduced the number per tub, so customers can take fewer each day without compromising results.

Previous version 15mg carotenoids & 3.33mg vitamin E per softgel
Enhanced version 18.17mg carotenoids & 6mg vitmain E per softgel

Has this change increased the price?
No, we’ve increased the amount of active ingredients in each softgel without increasing the price. In fact, our updated formula contains more active ingredients in 100 than the previous version contained in 120.

Do I take the same amount of softgels?
No, as we have slightly altered the the amount of active ingredients in each softgel, it is no longer necessary to take as many. See our guidelines below:

Previous Directions New Directions
Initial use (2 weeks) Up to 5 softgels per day 2 softgels twice per day with meals
Maintenance use Up to 3 softgels per day 2 softgels once per day with a meal

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