Are Tanning Pills Safe to Take?

One of the most common questions we receive is about tanning tablets and safety. People are very enthusiastic about getting nutritional support for their suntan but, of course, the prospect of taking tanning tablets raises natural concerns. Is there going to be side effects? Are they going to damage my health? We want to take the time to explain a little bit of the history of tanning pills in getting this reputation and hopefully dispel some myths.

Are Tanning Tablets Safe?

Through the 1990s, tan pills earned a bad reputation and rightfully so. The main ingredient was a substance called canthaxanthin, a powerful colouring agent. It was originally used in small amounts as a food colouring and in fish food, added to encourage stronger colours for the likes of trout or salmon. People began consuming sun tan tablets containing canthaxanthin and it was quickly discovered that there were some unwanted side effects. As well as causing a golden orange tint in the skin, the colour could deposit in the whites of the eyes, with further potentially harmful eye complications. On top of that there were reports of liver difficulties from some individuals but it is safe to say that canthaxanthin is bad news.

At MyTan, our background and our passion is in healthy living and our goal is not just to provide truly effective products but to help improve people’s health while doing so. This meant that canthaxanthin was always off the table from day one. With our experience in the industry and after extensive research we’ve come upon alternatives that are well known to have no harmful side effects. Not just that but there are certain nutrients that have clearly demonstrated proven health advantages. The prospect of a tan pill that would would give a colour without the sun, while encouraging health instead of damaging it was our holy grail and that is what we went on to develop in MyTan Bronze.

We arrived at a special blend of 5 different carotenoids, each extracted from algae that manufacturers the pigments from sunlight. These nutrients have effects that could be of huge interest to anyone, particular those exposed to the sun. One of the carotenoids included, beta carotene, has been shown in studies to assist eye health and to have a beneficial effect on the immune system. On top of this, beta carotene is known to be a potent antioxidant, which may help slow cellular aging by mopping up damaging ‘free radical’ molecules. In fact, people all over the world have long taken beta carotene solely to protect their health and protect against the ageing process. This makes beta carotene a perfect candidate for our product, but there’s more. Instead of simply taking beta carotene, we want to achieve an optimum colour balance in the final formula of the product. That’s why four additional pigments, each known to be completely harmless and to offer potential health benefits. The main effect of each of these carotenoids is that they are stored in the skin, not unlike how a plant would store its colour, and impart a healthy, golden bronze glow.

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