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MyTan tan tablets are engineered to enhance, improve, darken and prolong your tan. MyTan tanning pills may be the safest and simplest way to become tanned at any time of the year, whether you wish to top up a sun-kissed tan from your holiday, or to enjoy a healthy glow even without sun!

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MyTan sun tanning tablets present two different formulas, MyTan Bronze and MyTan Boost, each developed with their own action. They can be used together or separately.

MyTan BRONZE – A Breakthrough in Sunless Tanning

Containing a natural mixed carotenoid complex, MyTan Bronze are tanning pills designed to bring up a healthy, golden bronze tan all year round, with or without the sun!
MyTan Bronze Tanning Pills

MyTan BOOST – The Ultimate in Tanning Vitamins

Formulated with the specific nutrients used during your body’s tanning process. Designed to assist you by providing these nutrients while you achieve a great tan while in the sun or using sunbeds!MyTan Boost Tan Tabets

Do These Tanning Tablets Really Produce Results?

MyTan tan tablets have built up a loyal following over many years with many regular repeat orders from all over the world. See what our customers are saying in email testimonials, Amazon reviews and eBay feedback!

Positive feedback rating “I love this product it gives your skin a tan without going to sun beds and it makes you look healthier.”
Positive feedback rating “One word … Amazing … Thanks guys!”
Positive feedback rating “I wish I did this years ago”

Positive feedback rating “2nd bottle, love this stuff, it really works, even on people that don’t tan well”
Positive feedback rating “Amazing result, second time I have bought”
Positive feedback rating “im bronze brown =)”

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100% Money Back Guarantee!

We know that the big question for many of our customers is “do these tanning pills really work??” We want you to know that you can relax and try our tan tablets completely risk-free with our famous no-quibble MyTan 100% Money Back Guarantee.

If for any reason you’re not fully satisfied with your results, we’ll happily give you your money back, including shipping costs!

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Industry-leading Tanning Pill Formula

  • Years of industry research to develop the safest & most effective tanning pill formula on the market.
  • Manufactured to the highest standards with the highest quality ingredients sourced all over the world.
  • Packed full of vitamins, minerals & antioxidants which help protect your skin and your health.
  • Worldwide favourite and bestseller with thousands of happy, returning tanning tablet customers.

MyTan Tanning Pills

5 Reasons to Take MyTan Bronze Tanning Pills

A Breakthrough in Sunless TanningMyTan Bronze Tanning Pills

1. Bring up a golden bronze colour even without sun exposure.
Containing a complex of natural, mixed carotenoids, MyTan Bronze tanning tablets can bring up a healthy colour even indoors or during the winter. Ideal for staving off the pasty look. One study has shown that this colour could even be more favourable to people than a sun tan!

2. Enhance an existing suntan with a healthy glow.
In addition to sunless tanning, many of our customers use MyTan Bronze tanning pills during the summer, on holidays or even with a course of sunbeds to add an extra golden, bronze glow to their tan.

3. Prolong an existing natural suntan.
People often go to great lengths to get their suntan only to watch is disappear in a couple of days. One of the most popular uses of MyTan Bronze is to help you suntan last that bit longer.

4. Protect your skin from free radical damage.
Long thought of as one of the main contributors to the aging process, ‘free radicals’ are molecules that cause oxidative damage to our cells. This is of particular interest to tanners as the sun can increase exposure to them. MyTan Bronze contains powerful antioxidants that can help ‘mop up’ these free radicals before they take effect.

5. Stay healthy while achieve a natural tan.
Not only are MyTan Bronze tan pills safe to take but contain carotenoids that are often taken as part of a healthy diet. The ingredients in MyTan Bronze have been connected with improvements in areas such eye health, improved immune function, and more.

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5 Reasons to Take MyTan Boost Tanning Tablets

The Gold Standard in Tanning SupplementsMyTan Boost Tan Tabets

1. Provide the tanning vitamins & nutrients vital to the tanning process.
One exposed to UV light, the body uses a number of important nutrients to develop a tan. The mineral copper acts as a catalyst to turn an amino acid called tyrosine into melanin (the brown skin pigment). MyTan Boost tanning tablets contain a supply of both of these along with 10 additional vitamins, minerals and nutrients crucial to countless metabolic processes.

2. Help fair-skinned people who have trouble tanning.
Some people have difficulty tanning due to a short supply of melanin. By increasing the supply of the nutrients involved in melanin production, lighter skinned people may be able finally get a tan. Lighter skinned people are regular customers of MyTan and have given us great reports about MyTan Boost tanning pills.

3. Assist medium-skinned people achieve their ultimate tan.
Some of the ingredients crucial to the tanning process may be in shorter supply in the modern diet. By consuming an extra supply of these important tanning vitamins, even an avid tanner can find they get their very best tan.

4. Boost tanning power for sun holidays or solarium sessions.
When going to the trouble of traveling to the sun and taking on a course of sunbed sessions, people often turn to tanning accelerators to maximise their tanning potential. Now, MyTan Boost contains the crucial nutrient involved to assist this process from the inside to help the body produce its best tan.

5. Daily multi-vitamin & mineral formula.
MyTan Boost also provides a number of vitamins & minerals that you would often find a daily multi-vitamin tonic. While taking MyTan Boost tanning tablets, you’re also getting a healthy supply of twelve nutrients such as folic acid, vitamin E, vitamin D, zinc and more!

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Bronze or Boost – Which One Should I Choose?

Customers who are seeing MyTan tanning tablets for the first time often ask us which tanning pills product is right for them – MyTan Bronze or MyTan Boost, or if they should take both at the same time. Both of the products have their own mechanism for action so they work in completely different ways.

The first question to ask yourself is whether you’re interested in sunless tanning, for example during the winter or when working indoors throughout most of the day. Or, are you planning to get some sun exposure? MyTan Bronze can bring up a healthy bronze glow even without sun exposure, such as in wintertime. So as a starting point, you could try MyTan Bronze for sunless tanning. MyTan Boost is designed to support your body’s tanning process and so it requires sun exposure to work. However, this is where things can get a little more complicated since MyTan Bronze is also of great interest to people who plan on getting some sun!

MyTan Bronze MyTan Boost
Tanning with sun
Sunless tanning

Although MyTan Bronze is regularly used to assist in sunless tanning, most of its use comes from people who are in the sun. The reason for this is because the colour-enhancing effects of Bronze can help to add an extra healthy glow to your holiday tan. Using MyTan Bronze can also help prolong your tan! Finally, there are excellent health benefits that could well be worth taking it for even without tanning. It’s well known that sun exposure can damage the skin. One of the way this happens is through the process of oxidation, where ‘reactive oxygen species’ build up and damage the skin. Have you ever seen what happens to a plastic bottle or newspaper left lying in the sun? This is ‘oxidation’ in action. MyTan Bronze contains antioxidants, which protect the skin by helping to slow this process, a must for people in sunny conditions.

For those that don’t want or can’t get sun exposure, consider MyTan Bronze for sunless tanning. However, for those that are going to get sun exposure, consider MyTan Boost to help provide the tanning vitamins required to build your best tan or MyTan Bronze to help enhance and prolong your tan, while protecting against oxidative damage. We offer a special discounted pack containing both products called the MyTan Ultimate Pack, taken by those who want to achieve their best ever tan!

It’s really important to note that MyTan Bronze and MyTan Boost are not intended to act as a sunscreen so always use a sunscreen as normal when in the sun!

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Save With MyTan Special Offers!

We offer a twin-pack of MyTan Bronze or our MyTan Ultimate pack, containing both products at a special discounted rate.

World-class Tanning Tablet Formula

MyTan Bronze tanning tablets contain a carefully selected blend of plant nutrients known as carotenoids. These naturally-occurring compounds can be stored in the skin and impart a healthy golden bronze glow! MyTan Bronze tanning pills contain 5 different carotenoids, each precisely added to achieve the optimal colour tone in the skin, so you don’t have to worry about an orange hue.

Each of these nutrients are often added to multi-nutrient formulas or even taken alone for their remarkable health benefits.

Source: Haematococcus Pluvialis algal carotenoid extract
Hailed as one of the most powerful antioxidants ever discovered, Astaxanthin, sometimes called the “King of the Carotenoids” is up to 100 times more potent than beta-carotene in its action as an antioxidant. While its primary use in our MyTan Bronze tan tablet formula is to help produce a natural-looking tan, its secondary health benefits are extensive. It has been shown to help reduce pain and inflammation, and improve skin condition, helping with moisture levels, smoothness, elasticity and fine wrinkles.

Source: Blakeslea Trisphora
Beta-carotene (also known as pro-vitamin A) is the a red-brown pigment found in carrots and many other plants found in nature. The nutrient is fat-soluble with the body storing any excess under the skin for conversion to vitamin A when it is required. As a result the skin becomes pigmented in a harmless natural process. Like other carotenoids, beta carotene is a potent antioxidant, which soaks up free-radicals in the body. This is thought to help slow damage to cells, a major part of the ageing process.

Lutein & Zeaxanthin
Source: Marigold flowers
Lutein and its sister compound zeaxanthin have primarily been used as a natural colorant due to its orange-red color but also plays a crucial role in human eye health. Specifically it is understood to be a blocker of blue-light damage and quenches oxygen free radicals, which may cause conditions such as macular degeneration over time. Increasing intake of lutein & zeaxanthin has also been shown to lower the risk of cataract development. A recent study has also shown that lutein & zeaxanthin increases neural processing speed & efficiency in humans.

Source: Tomato extract
Lycopene is a naturally occurring organic molecule that gives fruits and vegetables a red color, found in watermelons, pink grapefruits, apricots, and pink guavas. It is found in particularly high amounts in tomatoes. As an antioxidant, lycopene has been shown to be the most effective of all the carotenoids in quenching singlet oxygen, a highly reactive and short-lived molecule capable of causing extensive cell damage. A new study has found that lycopene, when taken on a daily basis, can also be very helpful in assisting the repairs of skin tissue.

Vitamin E
Source: Natural (non-synthetic)
Vitamin E is well known to have excellent health benefits. We’ve added natural vitamin E to our tan pills blend for it’s antioxidant, skin-smoothing and skin-protecting effects. It is also taken to help assist in balancing cholesterol, reducing inflammation, repairing damaged skin, thickening hair and balancing hormones.

Sunflower Oil Base
Carotenoids and vitamin E are fat-soluble so they are best absorbed with a small amount of oil. Unlike many forms of supplements that come in a dry, powdered form, we’ve placed our active ingredients in a healthy sunflower oil base to aid maximum absorption. Our tanning pills are then hermetically-sealed (air-tight) to protect from oxidation.