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Are You Looking For A Healthy Tan With
Safe, Natural, Sunless Tanning Pills?
MyTan tanning tablets are engineered to enhance, improve, darken and prolong your tan.
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MyTan BRONZE – a breakthrough in sunless tanning
Containing a natural mixed carotenoid complex, MyTan BRONZE are the tanning pills designed to bring up a healthy, golden bronze tan all year round, with or without the sun!
MyTan BOOST – the ultimate in tanning vitamins
Formulated with the specific nutrients used during your body’s tanning process. Designed to assist you by providing these nutrients while you achieve a great tan while in the sun or using sunbeds!
Do these tanning pills really produce results?
MyTan tan tablets have built up a loyal following over many years with many regular repeat orders from countries all over the world. See what our customers are saying.

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100% Money Back Guarantee!
As with any food supplement, results with our tanning tablets can vary from person to person depending on your ability to absorb the nutrients. You can relax and try our tan tablets completely risk-free with our 100% money back guarantee.
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Sunless tanning pills could be the safest and simplest way to become tanned at any time of the year, whether you are looking to top up your sun-kissed tan from your holiday, or to enjoy a healthy glow throughout the winter.